Datatang Data-supported Haomo AI Won the 2021 China (Shenyang) Intelligent Connected Vehicles Challenge

On October 11th, Haomo Tsinghua University Lions won the Simulation Algorithm Challenge Auto-Pilot Championship in the 2021 China (Shenyang) Intelligent Connected Vehicles Challenge.

The challenge is sponsored by the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government and China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co. Ltd. There are 105 teams participated in this challenge, including well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Macau University of Science and Technology, University of Edinburgh, and famous auto companies such as Dongfeng, GAC Aion, Geely, and Great Wall WEY.

The 2021 China (Shenyang) Intelligent Connected Vehicles Challenge refers to the international mainstream competition system and launches four series of challenge, including Mass Production Application Challenge, Prospective Application Challenge, “AD Chauffeur Cup” Simulation Algorithm Challenge and Information Security Challenge. The challenge adopts the “online + offline” model and strives to promote the development of the intelligent networked vehicles industry and integrate intelligent networked smart travel methods into our daily life.

In the competition, Haomo Tsinghua University Lions team demonstrated the ability to avoid danger in extremely challenging scenes, such as intelligent dodge, automatic lane change, intelligent cornering, avoiding roadside vehicles, traffic jams, highway driving and intelligent driving in special weather conditions.

The performance of Haomo Tsinghua University Lions team impressed the deputy referee Yi Qiang of the competition. “During the competition, they passed smoothly in various scenes. Some challenging specific scenes are completed very well, especially in winter environment scenes. The whole team pays great attention to special conditions. For example, the influence of sensors is a great challenge to the “intelligent ability” of autonomous driving technology. Their performance has great significance in promoting the development of intelligent driving and intelligent networked vehicles.” He said in an interview with the CCTV News.

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