Datatang Presented at the Sensor & Radar Systems Europe 2021 Conference

The Scale.up 360 Sensor & Radar Systems Europe 2021 Conference was held online from November 17 to 18, 2021. The digital event is involved about the latest advances and technologies of Sensor Fusion — Camera, Radar and LiDAR in ADAS & High Level Autonomous Driving.

More than 150 OEMs, Tier 1s, AI, Sensor, Radar and Imaging Vision Systems experts worldwide have participated in the conference. The experts from Hyundai, Continental, Volvo, Valeo and etc. presented the latest technology and cases studies in Sensor Fusion — Camera, Radar & LiDAR technologies scene.

As a partner, Datatang was invited to attend this online conference. Ms. Pan Pan, Head of Oversea AI Department has presented the topic “Benchmarks and Challenges for Multi Sensor-related Perception”.

Ms. Pan introduced Datatang’s data solutions for multi-sensor fusion scenes from the three aspects of “In-Cabin Voice Interaction”, “In-Cabin Virtual Perception”, and “Outside Cabin Virtual Perception”. She said that although the current sensor hardware technology has made significant progress, due to the lack of high-quality and diversified data, multi-sensor sensing often faces serious challenges in processing of large amounts of information.

As the gap in algorithms is shrinking gradually, the role of data will continue to grow and become an important factor affecting autonomous driving technology. Datatang provides on-demand multi-sensor fusion related data collection services, and supports 2D, 3D, 2D-3D fusion data labeling services through data labeling platform.

As a world’s leading AI data service provider, Datatang has the advanced human-in-the-loop intelligent data labeling platform, integrated AI data and resources management platform, and more than 500,000 crowdsourcing resources worldwide. Relying on technical advantages and intensive data processing experiences, Datatang’s data solutions is trusted by global leading AI companies.

In the future, Datatang will support the development of multi-sensor fusion technology through own technological accumulation and experiences in the multi-sensor fusion field.


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Off-the-shelf AI training data, on-demand data collection & annotation services

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Off-the-shelf AI training data, on-demand data collection & annotation services

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