Datatang to Attend the Tech.AD Europe 2023

Datatang will attend the Tech.AD Europe and showcase the latest data solutions for autonomous driving.

March 27–28: Datatang’s Demonstration Space, Booth No.: 36

Stop by our booth and learn our latest data solutions for Outside-Cabin Multi-Sensor Fusion Perception, In-Cabin Visual Perception and try our data annotation platform.

Meet Pan Pan, Head of Oversea AI Department of Datatang. While working on numerous data collection & annotation projects with frontier AI research companies, Pan has accumulated a rich understanding in diversified dataset solutions needed to assist cross-development activities and to help optimize algorithm training.

March 26, 2023, 20:00–22:00 CET: Icebreaker Session

Topic: Sensors and equipment used for data collection — What are the challenges and how to overcome them?

About Tech.AD Europe

Tech.AD Europe 2023 will be held at the Titanic Chaussee Berlin, Germany from March 26–28, 2023. It will bring together more than over 600 of the most influential autonomous vehicle experts & executives.

As a global exchange platform, Tech.AD Europe brings together all stakeholders leading the development and technical future of autonomous vehicles & ADAS, AI & Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Imaging, LiDAR & Radar Systems, Sensor Fusion, Operational Safe Systems & Testing & Validation, Simulation & Software Architectures.

Key topics in 2023:

· From ADAS to AD and back to ADAS

· Software-Defined Vehicles:

· Autonomous Trucking — Vision, Current State, and Challenges

· Testing, simulation & verification processes

· Safety: How can it be proven that an autonomous driving function and system is continuously safe

· Advanced Computer Vision

· Sensor Fusion & Perception

· Mapping L3+

· Camera, Imaging, Radar and LiDAR

· Data Processing and AI — Software Architectures and Hardware

About Datatang

Founded in 2011, Datatang is a professional artificial intelligence data service provider and committed to providing high-quality training data and data services for global AI companies. Relying on own data resources, technical advantages and intensive data processing experiences, Datatang provides data services to 1000+ companies and institutions worldwide. Datatang entered Chinese stock market (NEEQ: 831428) in 2014 and became the first listed company in China’s artificial intelligence data service industry.

If you need data services, please feel free to contact us:



Off-the-shelf AI training data, on-demand data collection & annotation services

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Off-the-shelf AI training data, on-demand data collection & annotation services